Keep on truckin’

Yes, my Leapfrog Creatr 2013 is printing again.

As mentioned in my previous post, my good old printer lost control over it’s X-movements: no movement, only a very ugly, grinding noise. I did some research but could not find a software problem. To check if it was a broken motherboard, I changed the X and Y wires. The problem did not switch to the Y-axis. Conclusion: this is probably an X-motor issue.
I contacted Leapfrog and asked if they still had a spare motor available. They had one in stock and shipped it to me, without any costs. I was very happy, but not for long. The new motor did not solve the problem: still a grinding noise and no X-movement.

There were two causes left.
1: the end-stop failed or 2: the cable between the motherboard and end-stop and/or the X-motor was broken.
I contacted Leapfrog again, explained the problem and asked for spare parts. It took some time but yesterday a new end-stop and some cables arrived. Again without any costs…

Leapfrog repair kit

First I mounted the new end-stop: the problem remained. Next, I replaced the X-axis cables and suddenly my Leapfrog Creatr was back in business and I was the happiest 3D printer of the universe.

Today, I tested the printer on a ‘one perimeter spiral vase’ and an ‘infill only’ bracelet. The print quality was 100%. My Creatr back on track and I feel great, because I was able to repair it all by myself. And many thanks to Leapfrog for the spare parts. I feared my Creatr died after 5 years of intense printing, but now it is ready to start it’s 6th year as a young god in an unexpected future.

‘one perimeter’ – ‘infill only’ bracelet