Meet THRILL. The newest light in the Schoone Lights collection.
The shape of the shades was designed by Kees Kamper. He used mathematics to create a shade that looks like as if it’s lingering around the chassis of the lamp. But, as can be seen in the second image from the right, this is an optical illusion.

The shades of THRILL are printed according the ‘infill only’ method. It’s base is made of recycled plastic. The 12 Volt LED light system implies: this is an energy save product.
Available at Alosery Art & Design € 595

Not available yet, just a sneak preview: BABY THRILL


Today, Schoone lights is selling some light systems, but to break even or to earn money we have to sell more. So we are looking for shops and galleries, which want to be part of the Schoone Lights Experience.

To reach more people we also created a Schoone Lights Instagram account @schoone_lights. The idea is to use this account in the near future to sell our lamps online.

Meanwhile Kees is always looking for new experiments in 3D printing. Some time ago he was inspired by the necklaces of Brexit MP Theresa May. So, he designed & print a big beads necklace and because he will not use support in his prints, it took a while to discover a way to print the beads.

The necklace has 18 beads. To print them without support, they were designed and printed in halves. The halves were glued together. There are three different beads due to the fact Kees used the Slic3r ‘load parts’ feature to print three ‘infill only’ configurations in on print job.