Ontwerp: Gerard Schoone

Het armatuur van de Toorts bestaat uit twee RVS draden (+ en -) waarvan de uiteinden zo geconstrueerd zijn dat er een conventionele gloei/LED lamp in gedraaid kan worden. Door het minimale materiaal gebruik lijken de lampen in deze ijle constructie te zweven. De armaturen zijn in hoogte verstelbaar en worden in de vier buizen van de lamp voet geplaatst. 

The lamp fixture of the Toorts is based on two steel wires (12V, + and -) of which the ends are constructed in such away that it can hold a conventional bulb. The bulbs almost seem to float in the thin minimal construction. The wires are placed in the four tubes of the square lamp base and the height of the four lamp fixtures can be adjusted. 

Materiaal/Material: Stainless steel, Trespa,
Dimmable 12V transformer with low voltage LED bulbs
Hoogte/Height 160-200 cm

Verkoopprijs/Sales Price:
Toorts € 825

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3D printed 12 Volt Light

Opqrstu3D cooperates with Gerard Schoone to design, print and assemble new possibilities in 12 Volt light systems. Gerard is a very creative pioneer in 12 Volt. When he has an idea, he sends me a sketch and I work it out in SketchUp. A year ago, he wanted a cone shaped shade. I designed and printed it, but there was a small problem: it’s a seven hours (infill only) print job and Gerard needed at least five cones. Opqrstu3D printed a prototype, but has not enough spare time to do the complete job.

Two weeks ago, we finally found someone who could: Jasper Wille from 3D4makers. He prints with an Ultimaker and can mount a big nozzle to reduce print time. Last week, Jasper printed 10 cones (print time pro cone 3 hours) and finally Gerard could build his light. It is a simple but great design. One cone builds many different lights.

PATERNOSTER endless possibilities

3D printing allows you to design and manufacture your own lighting: create your own atmosphere by saving money and energy.

Lighting © opqrstu 2017

Kees Kamper: From the moment I discovered ‘Infill Only’ 3Dprinting the possibilities are endless. Especially in light design. The grainy, silky, organic, lace-like structures, the robot prints when I program it to print infill only, are matching wonderful with 12 volt LED light bulbs. As said, the possibilities are endless, but how do they look? Nobody did it before so every new design is an adventure. Here I used the the concept ‘LOTUS’ to design a new flower light.